Elkhart, Indiana Business Directory



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Attorney at Law
Auto Repair
Cargo and Utility Trailers
Chamber of Commerce
Chemical Feed Systems
Chemical metering pumps
Chemical Pumps
Coin Dealer
Cold Chain Packaging
Dosing Pumps
Financial Assistance for Cancer Patients
Flags and Flag Poles
Foam Molding and Fabrication
Gun Range
Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors
Lawn and Garden
Liquid Sample Coolers
Metering Pump Manufacturer
Metering Pumps
Miniature Heat Exchangers
Porch Enclosures
Proportioning Pumps
Pump Seal Flush Coolers
Replacement Windows
Sunroom Additions
Tire Dealer
Elkhart, Indiana
A Little City With Big Ideas

You may not know our name, but we’re quite sure you’ve seen, touched, and even eaten some of the things our citizens have made: recreational vehicles, manufactured homes, band and musical instruments, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, electronic components – plus food grown in our rich farmland.

With a population that barely exceeds 52,000, we boast a workforce with what we like to think of as a strong Midwest work ethic – hardworking men and women who take pride in their work and reflect the entrepreneurial spirit that has grown steadily since the city’s first citizens came to this place.

By the 1800s, settlers to the area began to build homes, churches, markets and businesses. Job opportunities were plentiful, and the railroad that still runs through the county became one of the area’s largest employers. In addition, Elkhart was the second city in the world to have an electric streetcar system. As the infrastructure grew, Elkhart found itself in the enviable position of having capabilities that surpassed other cities its size. This contributed to its manufacturing of automobiles and eventually recreational vehicles and manufactured housing. An abundance of quality craftsmen also led to a flourishing musical instrument market that soon hailed the city as the “Band Instrument Capital of the World.”

Today, many of those same industries still exist, but have been joined by small tool and die shops, an international pharmaceutical company, electronic industry components sources – and every imaginable type of business in between! Specifically, more than:

  • 949 widely diversified manufacturing companies
  • 869 wholesalers
  • 469 retail establishments
  • 1,096 service institutions, including banks

  • The natural beauty of the area affords residents attractive homesites and unexcelled recreational facilities. Add to those amenities a symphony, municipal band, concert club, ballet company, civic theater and an art league, and you get a flavor of our residents’ commitment to cultural endeavors.

    Whether you remember us as a “little city with big ideas” or “a city with a heart,” you won’t forget our dynamic community spirit, our people who take pride in their accomplishments and our commitment to this place we call “home.”