Elkhart, Indiana Business Directory



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Attorney at Law
Auto Repair
Cargo and Utility Trailers
Chamber of Commerce
Chemical Feed Systems
Chemical metering pumps
Chemical Pumps
Coin Dealer
Cold Chain Packaging
Dosing Pumps
Financial Assistance for Cancer Patients
Flags and Flag Poles
Foam Molding and Fabrication
Gun Range
Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors
Lawn and Garden
Liquid Sample Coolers
Metering Pump Manufacturer
Metering Pumps
Miniature Heat Exchangers
Porch Enclosures
Proportioning Pumps
Pump Seal Flush Coolers
Replacement Windows
Sunroom Additions
Tire Dealer

Welcome to Elkhart, Indiana!

We’re known as “The City With a Heart,” and we hope that’s what you’ll find when you visit us! The Miami Indians, French explorers, traders and missionaries who first inhabited this land found a place flourishing with animals, wooded and grassy areas, and graceful, flowing waters. We’re proud to say that we still have those natural wonders – and so much more. Our 52,000 citizens are truly a microcosm of what’s good about America. We are located in the country’s heartland with people of every nationality, religion and economic stature who live together and contribute their unique talents to “community.” We’re public spirited, dedicated to improving our city, and we want to show it to you! When you visit us, we hope you’ll take the time to savor all of the attractions this area has to offer. For starters, check out:

Things to do in Elkhart Indiana:

Amish Acres
Amish Country
Bonneyville Mill Grist Mill
Boot Lake Nature Preserve
Borkholder Dutch Village
Concord Mall
Cooks Bison Ranch
Das Dutchman Essenhaus
ELCO Performing Arts Center
Elkhart Art League
Elkhart City Parks
Elkhart County 4-H Fairgrounds
Elkhart County Historical Museum
Elkhart Environmental Center
Elkhart County Parks & Recreation Department
Elkhart River Queen Boat Tours
Elkhart Riverwalk
Heritage Trail Driving Tour
Ideal Beach Family Water Park
Maple Lane Wildlife Farm
Menno-Hof Mennonite Visitors Center
Midwest Museum of American Art
Mill Race Center Farmers Market
National New York Central Railroad Museum
The Old Bag Factory
Old Orchard Golf Course
Reigsecker Marketplace
RiverWalk Commons
Ruthmere, a 1910 House Museum
Shipshewana Flea Market and Auction

Old-timers and newcomers alike are often surprised at the variety of activities Elkhart offers. Many of those activities reflect the diverse backgrounds and interests of our citizens. For example, we have a vibrant Amish community in our county and several of our attractions reflect that influence and heritage.

Other “must-see” sights are connected to our status as the “RV/Manufactured Housing Capital of the World” plus our status as an internationally recognized manufacturing site for musical instruments.

Outdoor activities. Shopping. Museums. Festivals. We’d love to share them with you!